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Optical Information Processing and Storage

Coherent Optical and Electro-Optical Signal Processing and Various Aspects of Optical Computing

Electro-Optical Metrology

Diffractive Optics

Analysis of Optical Systems

Coherent Optical and Electro Optical Signal Processing and Various Aspects of Optical Computing:
This research includes the processing of images, in particular pattern recognition and image reconstruction. It is also involved in the development of advanced optimization procedure for system design and machine learning. The work is performed on hybrid Electro-optical systems that exploit the attributes of optics (high  and speed) with the attributes of electronic processors (flexibility in the performance of non-linear operations).

Electro-Optical Metrology:
Advanced technology is in demand for high accuracy measurement techniques and quality assurance methods. This research area is involved in the development of novel concepts and methods to answer these demands. The research in this field involves holographic non-destructive evaluation, high precision interferometry (under 1 nm accuracy), ellipsometry, various surface profiling methods and numerical algorithms for processing the data acquired optically.

Diffractive Optics:
Diffractive optics is the science and technology of sophisticated optical components that perform special tasks. Examples are optical interconnection networks for computing and communication, special light structures for measurements, energy delivery and micro-lithography, optical signal processing and display.